Meet Marye Lobb

photo by Alexandra Meseke Photography

photo by Alexandra Meseke Photography

I see art as a means of communicating an urgent message to one’s community. Each body of work that I create is a unique opportunity for self discovery and an invitation to find the courage to be who I am. By the time each tour comes to a close, my body and soul are like: “ok, we’ve got that one covered - you are healed!” —healed from whatever it was I was working through and looking to be strong in. It is always my hope and prayer that my listeners benefit in the same way while experiencing my music.

My debut album: FINDING HOME (2008) was about “Who am I? Who am I going to be in this world, and how am I going to serve?” Not so coincidently, the first track on that album - Music; My Love (which is about when I discovered that music is my true love) was placed in a Huawei smartphone in 2016, which connected me to thousands of new listeners from around the globe. The tour for this album covered Santiago and Puerto Montt Chile, NYC, Rochester, NY, Boston and Burlington, VT. The album itself was blessed to have an incredible international team of powerhouse musicians: Chris Bilton (Canadian, producer, piano - his credits include: Allison Krauss, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost Girl, the Vampire Diaries), Aurelien Budynek (French, guitar - credits include: Sting & Lennie Kravitz), Dan Graham (English, drums), Bernat Guardia Arenas (Barcelonian, bass), Marcelo Woloski (Argentinean, percussion - credits include: Ruben Blades & Snarky Puppy). Arrangements were created by Juan Andres Ospina (Colombian), Oscar Stagnaro (Peruvian - credits include: Jorge Drexler & Eva Allyon) and Andres Rotmistrovsky (Argentinean - credits include: Joan Baez & Ruben Blades). We recorded the band in Boston with Kenny Lewis and recorded vocals and mixed the album in Toronto with Michael Jack (Canadian, credits include: Bono, Nelly Furtado, Hilary Duff, Rush & Ludacris).

Creating my second album NOT AT WAR (2012) gave me the freedom to celebrate being a free spirit and feeling great about being bisexual. The song “Be Bright” is a queer anthem if you need one! The tour took place in DC (opening for the David Bromberg Big Band at the Birchmere), NYC, Rochester, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Fransisco. The official music video “All You Need” (a song from NOT AT WAR,) directed by Ivan Barahona, has over 19,000 views on YouTube. I am grateful for the musicians who played on the album: George Saenz (producer, arranger & bass - credits include: Lila Downs & Calpulli Mexican Dance Company), Marie Kim (cello - credits include: Lucious & Antonio Sanchez), and Carmen Estevez (cajon).

My third album: TOP OF THE TREES (2017) is dedicated to my late father, Jarret J. Lobb who died on Christmas Eve 2013 from complications of a heart transplant. I started writing the work one week after he passed away. TOP OF THE TREES helped me to move through my grief, honor my father and connect me with people who needed help working through the same process. The album is me singing and playing either piano or ukulele - very simple instrumentation. If you like nature, you may enjoy the official TOP OF THE TREES music video (found on my YouTube channel) that was shot and edited by the brilliant Catherine Young in Mendon Ponds Park in my hometown of Rochester, NY. The Top of the Trees Tour was a House Concert tour in NYC, DC, Rochester, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis, Denver & Boulder, CO and Portland, OR. After this experience, I saw first hand the overwhelmingly awesome healing powers of music. I was humbled by the stories that my listeners shared with me after my concerts after I had confided what this album was truly about at the very beginning of my set. I loved those conversations and want to have more of them — this was a thread I so wanted to follow.

I took a deeper look at my creative process and noticed that I have always turned to music for answers and music has never failed me; I also noticed that most of my songs are written in a question/answer format. In 2018, I started a program SONG DETOX to share my creative process with others, to help them move through their feelings and find creative solutions to their problems. Music has helped keep me alive and I so want to share its power with others. That is what SONG DETOX is all about.

I am currently writing my fourth album, working through my personal growth, exploring peace and power. In addition to writing and SONG DETOX, I’ve been performing solo and with my band for over 10 years at weddings and special events, house concerts and various performance venues in NY and around the world. To me, music is magic. It consistently serves me to live a more peaceful and connected life.

the singer-songwriter actually holds her primary roots in the midwest and Rochester, NY. Starting with “New York City singer-songwriter transplant” sounds like an origin story of a dime a dozen but, Lobb’s artistry begs a second and more thoughtful look, as her fascination with sounds and art from across the world have served as a primary inspiration throughout her career – not to mention Lobb’s individual resonation with Buddhist and Quaker philosophies of living.

“So Much Love,” which comes off Lobb’s second album titled, Not At War (independent, 2012), cuts right to the chase with two distinctly identifiable qualities from the first few measures: a lone acoustic guitar – the classic singer-songwriter tool of the trade – and lyrics that are not sung in English. This pairing immediately lets the common aspect of the song slide by, in favor of the intrigue provided by a song sung partially in Portuguese. Musically, “So Much Love” isn’t waiting to jump out at anyone. The calmness in dynamics and simplicity in arrangement (vocal, guitar, cello) never waivers throughout the roughly four minute track. Similarly, the song structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, keeps consistent as well.

Given this choice of setup, it is obvious where “So Much Love” shines and that is in Lobb’s sincere, vocally nuanced, performance. Her voice is direct but gentle in delivery. Foreign language aside, no words are left difficult to understand from lack of enunciation. The titular phrase, which is only part of the main refrain (There could be so much love, there could be so much love), rings out many times over, along with a few other repeated phrases, making “So Much Love” feel almost hymnal in character. Lobb’s own disclosure of what Not At War symbolizes for her, (“I am “NOT AT WAR” with myself anymore…I hope this album helps you to find “home” inside yourself – wherever you may be.”) adds to the mentality of quiet nurturing formed from all these factors when put together.
— Kira Grunenburg, Music Journalist

Marye is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter, whose music explores the wide ranges of human experience. A romantic afternoon at the beach. A window into contrasting cultures. Grieving the loss of a loved one. Friendship and encouragement. Inner peace and hope. Finding home—and yourself. Soothing melodies, stirring vocals, heartfelt lyrics—in English, Spanish, and Portuguese no less! Even catchy and upbeat tunes that will have you singing along. But possibly Marye’s greatest signature quality is her ability to connect with her audience. Her warm smile is uplifting and contagious. And she leaves you feeling as if you’ve known each other for a long time.
— Joseph Soltero, fan