For centuries, cultures around the world have used music as a way to express and work through difficult emotional concepts. Unfortunately, in our society, we have been conditioned to believe that if we are not formally trained in music (or famous performers), then music—and especially the creation of music—doesn’t belong to us. Not only is that not true, but that viewpoint deprives us of an extremely therapeutic tool that is actually ingrained in us. You may know that studies have proven that actively listening to certain types of music can help increase endorphins and decrease cortisol. But the actual process of creating music can also help you navigate the treacherous waters of life in a way that words alone cannot. Think of “Jagged Little Pill” or John Lennon’s “Mother.” Famous songs abound that were born from pain. But for each of these songs that reached our ears, there are probably a thousand more that no one, except the writer, has ever heard.

Using the same methodology that helped her heal after some traumatic life experiences, musician Marye Lobb guides clients through a step-by-step process of self-discovery, creation, and fine-tuning that ultimately results in a song that is your very own. Regardless of your musical experience or ability, Marye gives you as much or as little musical guidance as you need. The heart of the program is the gentle way that Marye pulls emotions and vulnerabilities out of you and helps you transform those ostensible weaknesses into an empowering anthem for you to share with the world—or to keep private. She holds your hand through the process, all the while giving you the tools to be able to write detox songs long after your sessions with her have ended.



“I recently had a coaching session with Marye, hopefully it will be the first of many. Marye structured the session effectively around my requirements and she gave me some great tools to use to work towards my goals. She listened carefully and made me feel very safe to dig into some difficult issues. Most importantly, she brings warmth and kindness to her coaching as with everything she does ❤️.”

- Kate F, Irishwoman living in Lisbon, Portugal

I cannot stress enough how helpful my sessions with Marye have been. With compassion and gentleness, she's nudged me into a direction where I feel better about myself. She has given me useful mental tools to stop the critical and negative voice inside my head that talks in absolutes (i.e., you'll never have this or that, you'll always be this or that, etc). Her sessions are proactive and it is obvious that she comes to the table wanting to give her clients positive results and tangible ideas to move forward in life with more self-love. I whole-heartedly recommend her!”

-Bekka B, Syracuse, NY, USA

“My sessions with Marye helped me discover new sides of what it is to be an entrepreneur and how it can help you grow as an artist. With Marye's help I discovered some new techniques of boosting my confidence as an artist and as a professional. She showed me how and why I need to to value myself more as a devoted musician and teacher. Aside from detailed instructions on some specific areas of my business, which I wanted to address - Marye also provided me with spiritual guidance and emotional support, which shows how much she cares about each individual client and can acutely feel their needs. After our coaching sessions I feel more confident and encouraged to let my entrepreneurial spirits grow!”

- D., Music Composer & teacher, New York City, USA

“I didn’t know what to expect when I began working with Marye and was thrilled to have received so much support and a beautiful mantra that I sing to myself when I am feeling ungrounded. It reminds me what I am working on within myself and gives me a way to shift the energy. Mary’s offerings are so unique and special. Her energy is soft and nurturing.”

- Shauna L, San Francisco, CA, USA

“I have always placed much importance on working with competent professionals who embody integrity and continuous growth and who also know how to tap into the power of playful, innovative, creative approaches in order to help you overcome life challenges. And this is exactly what impresses me most about coach Marye. Her ability to use different forms of creative expression as a tool for facilitating transformation enabled me to connect with my true self, to remember my value as a creative and to move forward with more clarity, ease, and confidence.”

- Dess P, Sofía, Bulgaria

“Marye makes you feel very comfortable and at ease even when you’re feeling very anxious and going through a lot. She gives you lots of space to come forward and work through whatever is holding you back. Absolutely love her. I have been even more self reflective since the program. I have been better at speaking my truths and thinking about how to understand the effects of that and how it is still moving me forward even when I have moments of feeling stuck again and how to hopefully form those experiences into song. I am forever grateful. Every day has been such a growing experience because I’m now paying attention more. Thank you Marye.”

- Marlene F, New York City, USA

"Marye's ability to pull a song, gently from within you is genius. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. Before I knew it, we were discussing a deep emotional problem I was experiencing and Marye helped me uncover it. Eventually that process became the song we produced. It truly amazed me how helpful the process was, and how healing it was. I fell in love with music all over again because of Marye. I have a new appreciation for song-crafting, and I believe I have a new life tool."

- Evan L, New York City, USA

“Song Detox with Mary helped me use sound expression to access some deeply held emotions that may have otherwise stayed buried. It also taught me how to feel lighthearted and playful about creativity, as opposed to taking myself too seriously, which is often my tendency. in addition, Marye’s superb explanations of basic music theory made me feel confident that I can start writing songs on my own.”

- Rose B, Montana, USA

“I loved it all. It is very easy to open yourself to show whats is going on with you with Marye. She does not judge you at all, you feel so safe you could tell her anything. She encourages to be yourself and not be scared of it and not to judge yourself too. She makes you feel you do have the power of creation and see the talent and potential in you. I would recommend this to anyone ready to open their chests and let it all out.”

- Patricia C, Spaniard living in The Hague, Netherlands