Writing songs has helped me through life, death and everything in between. Music is my most trusted confidant, who I turn to in life for my greatest joys and deepest sorrows. Songwriting is my home, where I find creative solutions to my problems, a sense of purpose, and hopeful clarity. I believe in and respect the awesome healing powers of music and I want to share them with you.



In 2017, I released Top of the Trees - an album I wrote in honor of my father who died in late 2013. Writing and touring this album healed the grief of losing my biggest hero too soon. While I was touring the record last summer, I noticed a shift. I decided to be honest about my songs and boldly share my story. What I discovered was an outpour of honesty in return. Concert attendees would come up to me after my performances and confide in me their personal stories and what helped them get through extremely challenging chapters of their lives. I was humbled and honored -- these conversations were my favorite part of the tour. I discovered this was a thread I wanted to follow. Thus, Song Detox was born. Thank you for your brave interest in this program. I hope to work with you - I know you are going to create something honest and beautiful. My goal? To help you feel better.



The program consists of 8 - 10 sessions in total. In each session we work on the following:

session 1 & 2. create your first verse. The verse meets you where you are. I think of the verse as a question or problem - a description of what is going on in your life and what you are working through.

session 3 & 4. create your chorus. The chorus is a response to your question/problem that you wrote about in your previous session. The chorus is your answer, your solution, your jam, your personal anthem. 

session 5. create your bridge. The function of the bridge is similar to the chorus but takes it to a deeper level - it's your mantra. 

session 6. create your second verse. Our problems in life usually are the same overall theme just manifesting themselves in different ways. This session gives you an opportunity to further explore your problem/question and tell it's story. 

session 7. music theory. In this session I will share some basic music theory concepts that will give you the tools to accompany yourself while singing (or talking through) your work. If you have a piano, ukulele or guitar I will show you how to play a few chords so you can perform your composition solo.

session 8. editing. I bring you through the editing process in the most therapeutic of ways to make you feel strong and empowered. 



Sessions are 90 minutes in length, done virtually using zoom. Each individual session is structured as follows:

- first 15 minutes: meditation to help with relaxation

- next 15 minutes: journaling

- next 30 minutes: I will start playing piano... you will let your subconscious take the lead while you sing or talk and we will shape this into your very own song/poem. 

- last 30 minutes: recap and reflection of what you wrote. We will talk about what worked, what didn't work and what the next steps are. - by the end of the program you will have your own song or poem!

My hope for you in this process is to gain clarity in your life, create strategies to help solve your problems, work through your emotions in a peaceful and constructive way, and bring you the satisfaction of writing a new song or poem! 



Please have the following for our sessions:
- open mind
- pen / pencil (something to write with)
- journal
- scrap paper
- comfortable loose clothing (for stretching and meditation)
- a glass of water or cup of tea
- good internet connection
- zoom app downloaded to your device
* if you are using a computer, you should be able to visit the website here -
** I will send you a meeting invite code prior to the start of our session



Yes! I speak Spanish and Portuguese. For other languages, we can always use google translate using the zoom chat box. We don't have to talk a lot - in fact the less I talk the better. This is about your personal creation and expression - thus we must let the music speak. 



"Marye's ability to pull a song, gently from within you is genius. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. Before I knew it, we were discussing a deep emotional problem I was experiencing and Marye helped me uncover it. Eventually that process became the song we produced. It truly amazed me how helpful the process was, and how healing it was. I fell in love with music all over again because of Marye. I have a new appreciation for song-crafting, and I believe I have a new life tool."

- client, Evan Lidestri - January 2019

“Song Detox with Mary helped me use sound expression to access some deeply held emotions that may have otherwise stayed buried. It also taught me how to feel lighthearted and playful about creativity, as opposed to taking myself too seriously, which is often my tendency. in addition, Marye’s superb explanations of basic music theory made me feel confident that I can start writing songs on my own.”

- client, Rose Boyer Brown - May 2018

“I loved it all. It is very easy to open yourself to show whats is going on with you with Marye. She does not judge you at all, you feel so safe you could tell her anything. She encourages to be yourself and not be scared of it and not to judge yourself too. She makes you feel you do have the power of creation and see the talent and potential in you. I would recommend this to anyone ready to open their chests and let it all out.”

- client, Patricia Cardona Roca - May 2018




Are you in need of live music for your upcoming wedding and/or special event? I've got you covered! With over 10 years of performance experience and a wealth of diverse, tastefully curated songs in my rep I provide a classy, unique and uplifting sound to transform your important day from special to exquisite.

Solo performance

I sing my original music and fun pop, folk, jazz and world music covers while accompanying myself on keyboard, ukulele or guitar. I serve as a solo event singer at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, funerals, corporate events and other special events.  I have a PA and all necessary equipment, all I ask is an outlet to a power source and a 10' x 10 ' space to work in. I generally serve the Rochester, NY and NYC area but if you are located outside that radius please do not hesitate to get in touch as I love to travel! 

Marye was amazing.

So every year, I hold this outdoor Autumn party. There are globe lights, hot foods, a campfire, etc. For the past few years we've also added live entertainment. This year we hired Marye. She was the perfect addition to the evening: guitar and ukulele music, some covers, some new, and some in English and some in Spanish. It added an energetic and festive mood and made the night really special for our guests.

- review by Nick from Niantic, CT on 10/20/2016

As a solo performer, I offer two different packages:

Great package - up to 2 hours of music
Luxe package - up to 3 hours of music, mc service as needed, up to five song requests

Band performance

My amazing band and I play weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, funerals, corporate events and other special events.  We have a PA and all necessary equipment, all we ask is an outlet to a power source and a 20' x 20 ' space to work in. We generally serve the Rochester, NY and NYC area but if you are located outside those radiuses please do not hesitate to get in touch as we love to travel! 

As a band, we offer two different packages:

Great package - up to 2 hours of music
Luxe package - up to 3 hours of music, MC service as needed, up to five song requests 

Mary and her band were great. She was extremely responsive, genuine and kind. She made our guests feel at home, and even incorporate unexpected requests when possible. They have a great sound, and we got so many compliments about them! Highly highly highly recommended for any wedding or event.

- Review by Stephanie T. from Brooklyn, NY on 2/17/2018

I can not recommended Marye and her band enough.

Marye and her band performed at our wedding reception in NYC. She was extremely willing to learn new songs based on our needs and was able to accommodate all of our requests. Marye is lovely to work with as she is very flexible, responsive and made sure every detail was discussed and in-order. She is extremely reliable and I would recommend her to anyone for a wedding.

- Review by Amanda D. in New York, NY on 5/23/15


Top of the Trees Tour.JPG

Host a House Concert...

The release of my last album: Top of the Trees prompted an entire House Concert Tour. Why? The songs were intimate and nothing provided a safer space then my amazing hosts' homes. House Concerts are the best! During the summer of 2017 I sang in DC, NYC, Rochester, NY, Cleveland, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN, Portland, OR, and Denver & Boulder, CO.

I am currently writing album #4 and hope to incorporate my SONG DETOX program into the tour... interested in having the opportunity to sponsor this tour? click on the link below now!


What is a house concert? 
A house concert is an opportunity for you to have friends and family over to hear an artist you like and want to support. We gather in your living room, on your back porch or basement – wherever you think is best to have an intimate listening experience!

What does the host do? 
Once we agree on a date for the concert you’ll want to get the word out to your friends and family via email, facebook or make some phone calls. Some hosts like to provide snacks, drinks or have a pot luck. Food is always a great idea, but it is by no means necessary.

How many people need to attend? 
Anywhere from 25 – 75 people makes great experience for all. The more the merrier but a smaller, intimate group is also fun.

What should a host expect and how much does it cost? 
Hosts usually put out a tip jar at the front door or “pass the hat” during intermission or whenever you feel comfortable. Suggested donation is $20 – $25 per person. Expect a listening experience where the artist shares her music, stories and personality with your audience. Expect a wonderful time.

What’s next?
Contact me with your questions and ideas by clicking on the contact me link below